Generally, things were produced by human hand called Handicrafts or crafts which
the main purpose of usage in the daily life. After fulfill the usage, people create the
handicraft with their unique skills compounded with their imagination and beauty to
be the valuable handicraft with the wisdom and beauty of their community which is
the primary of what is called “Arts” and later call such handicraft is “ Art and Craft”.
Human uses handicraft as their daily life tools meet their religious belief or to support
their power in each social class. (Arts and crafts are difficult to separated, therefore,
arts and craft mean handicraft)

After that human creates art to be more valuable and aesthetic than daily usage known
as fine art. Art created for usage not for aesthetic is called applied art. However, fine art
and applied art are difficult to separate. Handicraft is the significant roots of the national
art both in East and West. In Thailand, traditional handicrafts are the appliances reflecting
local tradition, beliefs, history and wisdom. Besides, crafting is also important variable for
Thailand economics from the creativity to the value added raising to ASEAN.

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