In the borderless world of globalization, nation-states and their territories are not so important as before. We should reshape the socio-cultural, political, and economic map of the world in order to facilitate its economic development. The state-of-art information technology and transportations today enable us to easily be connected. So, every countries can move forward together by creating a new territory with strong policy and shared visions to stimulate economic growth.

This new reshaping territory is a territory of community. Nowadays, the world has many communities. One community has not only potentials in development of itself but also has a power to negotiate with other communities. The ASEAN Community is also emerged under this condition. The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is a major milestone in the regional economic integration of its member countries. All ASEAN countries has shared the same intention to move forward under the motto “One vision, One identity, One community”. Therefore, each country should have a well preparation to take part in
ASEAN community by being active and effectively involving with the
ASEAN neighbors for the community empowerment.